Move for Movember – Week 2.

Switchstance ‘Mogress’ So Far.

Two weeks in, we’ve raised £225 toward our goal of £300 and covered 256KM as a team!

In keeping with honouring One man each minute lost to suicide, we had One minute with team member Emily Brownell this week to find out a bit about her and how she’s getting on…

A minute with Emily Brownell…

How long have you worked for Switchstance?

It’ll be just over 11 years now!

What is your role?

I started as an admin apprentice, developed into a marketing assistant and now my main role is Marketing Project Manager! I help facilitate and deliver marketing for Switchstance but also provide project management for our client projects. 

How are you finding the Movember challenge so far?

I’m actually really enjoying it! I needed the push to get moving again, so this was a perfect kick start.

Why do you think Move for Movember is an important cause?

I think although the whole conversation around mental health has made some great progress, there’s still a barrier/stigma to men talking about it or getting the help they need. The Movember stats were even more shocking than I could have imagined! The push to get moving, which can have such a positive impact on mental health, combined with actually talking about men’s mental health is brilliant. 

Tell us a random fact about yourself

My latest obsession is watching hoof trimming (mainly infected!) videos. (Previously spot popping!!). The more pus the better! 

Thanks Emily!

Come back next week for, week 3 ‘Mogress’ and a minute with…Angela Stead.

For more on Switchstance’s Move for Mental Health challenge you can visit our page which we will be keeping updated.

Together, we can create a greater impact.

Mental health matters.

Men’s health matters.