Move for Movember – Week 1.

Switchstance ‘Mogress’ So Far.

One week in, we’ve raised £185 toward our goal of £300 and covered 144.4KM as a team!

In keeping with honouring One man each minute lost to suicide, we had One minute with team member Jack Foki to find out a bit about him and how he’s getting on…

A minute with Jack Foki…

How long have you worked for Switchstance?

Just over 2 years, I joined the team in a junior role straight from University.

What is your role?

Since joining as a graduate I have developed my skills and taken on more responsibility. We work in an Agile way and I have progressed into a Delivery Manager role which I really enjoy.

How are you finding the Movember challenge so far?

It’s been great. I’ve been neglecting my cardio recently so it’s been the perfect time to get out and moving!

Why do you think Move for Movember is an important cause?

I think it’s so important for men to speak about their mental health on any occasion and Movember is a great opportunity to raise awareness and hopefully change the stigma around it all. It also provides a chance to change the discourse around men speaking about their feelings and speaking with friends, family and colleagues before it’s too late.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

This may be not be an authenticated fact, but I am related to Shakespeare (according to my late Grandma, Alma Shakespeare).

Thanks Jack!

Come back next week for, week 2 ‘Mogress’ and a minute with…Emily Brownell.

For more on Switchstance’s Move for Mental Health challenge you can visit our page which we will be keeping updated.

Together, we can create a greater impact.

Mental health matters.

Men’s health matters.