Delivery Management

Driving successful

project delivery.

Key Delivery Management skills.

Effective use of Agile and Lean principles.

We provide a range of in-house Agile and Lean tools and techniques to drive successful project delivery, as well as providing coaching and embedding these into teams. Our delivery management promotes:

Maintaining delivery throughout the lifecycle.

Our approach.

We place a firm focus on desired outcomes, solving issues and unblocking problems. We lead teams to successful delivery through the different phases of the lifecycle by maintaining and iterating over time to continuously meet user needs. Our consistent approach to planning, forecasting, metrics and measurement ensures a successful project for all.

Clear communication

Effective planning

Outcomes focused

Collaborative working

Stakeholder management

Consistency and communication.

Strong stakeholder engagement & management.

We analyse and articulate findings into engaging and visual tailored outputs for all stakeholders involved. 

With use of effective communication between the technical and non-technical, across organisational, technical and political boundaries, we make complex and technical information and language simple and accessible for all non-technical audiences. 

We always advocate on behalf of a team, to build trust, authenticity and confidence in their ability. 

Digital agency
Collaborative working environments.

Developing team dynamics and collaboration.

We always aim to build and lead successful delivery teams by understanding team styles and managing relationships within and across teams.

Our focus is maintaining, influencing and motivating a team, by giving and receiving feedback which enables a feedback loop.

We ensure a team works in a transparent way and that the work is understood externally, to create an open and collaborative working environment for all.

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