User Research

Understanding your users' needs.

Agile principles for user-focused outcomes.

A range of User Research methods to generate relevant insights.

Our focus is on engaging and retaining users, through simple, intuitive services, whilst keeping unnecessary (to the user) technical complexities ‘under the hood’.  Our User Research focuses on:

How we do it.

Our approach.

Our approach is iterative, with many ideas deprecated, replaced or superseded, as research and user-testing progress and knowledge increases. The range of User Research methods used is determined by the context and type of service to ensure optimal insight is gained.

User Research methods image.

Usability Testing

User Stories

Focus Groups

Interviews & Surveys

Persona Development

Qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Making informed, evidence-based decisions that meet user needs. 

We gather qualitative user insights through surveys, interviews, and workshops. 

For quantitative elements, such as task completion times, mouse clicks, number of errors, and success rates, we use lab-based research, where user observation is key.

This combined approach enables us to fully understand how users experience the current service, identify what is working well, along with the pain points, and map out interdependencies as part of an overall User Experience (UX) map.

Usable and accessible for all.

No user left behind.

Through Agile working, focused on understanding user needs and the wider user journey, we strive to keep sight of why we are solving the problem we are solving.

By applying accessibility personas and aligning with WCAG2.1AA guidance, we consider all user needs to ensure a service that is usable and accessible for a diverse user-base, and no user is left behind.

Ideas are tested with rapid prototyping; wire-framing, paper, and later, clickable prototyping. This ‘fail fast, learn quickly’ approach unearths what works best for all users.

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