Service Design

Designing services that improve user outcomes.

User and Data Driven Design.

Understanding users' needs.

Good Service Design means working closely with real users, understanding the problems they face, and designing solutions to address them.

Our approach aligns with The Service Standard, following Government Design Principles, to ensure fit-for-purpose Service Design. 

How we do it.

Our approach.

Good Service Design always starts with identifying user needs and building empathy. For more on how we put the user at the heart of everything we do, see our User-centred Design.  

A key element in our Service Design approach is understanding how existing services are used and basing decisions on real data. This data can be useful to inform the design of new services, if something works already there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time!

Identify user needs

Accessible for everyone

Design with data

Iterate. Then iterate again

Understand context

Delivering the best possible outcomes.

Challenge and Iterate.

We are not afraid to challenge the ‘way things have always been done’, in our experience this often creates the most innovative outcomes and the best possible Service Design.

Iteration is key; with many ideas deprecated, replaced or superseded as research and testing (including prototyping) progresses and knowledge increases. Being unafraid to ‘start again’ if a certain element doesn’t hit the mark always increases the potential for success.

Accessible and usable for all.

No user left behind.

Through our Agile approach, which is focused on understanding user needs and the wider user journey, we always strive to keep sight of why we are solving the problem

Applying accessibility personas and aligning with WCAG2.1AA guidance, we always consider user needs to make sure that no user is left behind.

Ideas are tested with rapid prototyping; wire-framing, paper, and later, clickable prototyping. Our ‘fail fast, learn quickly’ approach discovers what works best for all users.

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