Communications Portal

Sheffield City Region

Communications Portal

Improved communication between the provider network, with a web-based application

What they needed

The Sheffield City Region Combined Authority (in partnership with The Sheffield City Region Provider Network Steering Group) needed a communications portal to be developed.

The portal's aim was to support improved communication between the provider network ensuring best practice, news, events and activities were easily accessible.

Communications Portal

What we did

We kicked off with a workshop to fully understand the aims and objectives of the project.

We then developed an online communications web application that encompassed all of the needs of the steering group.

The application features:

  • Themed areas related to 4 sub groups of skills
  • Library area
  • Network wide discussion forum
  • Event management
  • Email marketing capabilities

The portal allows users to tailor their experience through their choice of one or more ‘themes’. They can choose which information they want to view & receive updates on, based on their area/s of interest.