Online Language Quiz

The University of Sheffield

Development of an online quiz to aid the research into language and an individual's attitude towards their home language.

What they needed

The Languages Education Department within The University of Sheffield required the development of an online quiz, designed to research language and an individual's attitude towards their home language.

The quiz needed to engage the user, gather and return the results in a meaningful way, and deliver a measurable impact by presenting the user with further reading options. It also needed to encourage simple sharing options in order to maximise uptake and therefore reliability of the research results.

Online Language Quiz

What we did

Language Quiz Development

We developed an online quiz with six sections and over 60 questions. The questions were weighted with a value and related to one of four segments, which then upon completion of the quiz, the individual had a score relating to each of the four segments (the results).

The quiz was designed with a simple, attractive and clear layout in mind as to not overwhelm the user and to direct the attention towards the questions.

Upon completion of the quiz, the application will return a graphical representation of the user's score and a number of 'further reading options'. These options are dynamic, dependent upon the specific user's results.

The graph comprises four quadrants relating to the four total scores determined from the answers to the questions. The graph animates and shows the user how much of each section is represented.

These results and the quiz itself can then be shared on social media channels.