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Cutting-edge geolocation marketing.
Revolutionising real-time customer engagement.

What they needed

MyGeo mobile app

A little over a year ago, we started a conversation that would turn out to be the start of an exciting journey into combining cutting-edge tech and marketing to create something ground-breaking.

A clear gap in the market was explored in terms of the benefits and immediacy of geolocation marketing. The opportunity was identified to alert a potential customer, via an offer or reward, at the most pertinent point in time; be that as a person walks past a shop, enters a competitor's restaurant or bar, or arrives in a new city.

What we did

We started the journey with a discovery project, focusing on the core technical aspects of the idea, and testing it in practise. Essentially this process involved using GPS, wifi, bluetooth and other smartphone technologies, to assess what could be achieved.

Following the success of the discovery project, we embarked upon an iterative design and build project, providing application design, technical consultancy and development alongside the Appsi Co team.

Through regular workshops, phases of discovery, and development, we built a user-facing app on iOS and Android plus a web-based application for creation and management of rewards and offers, along with a back office for overall management.

My Geo campaign builder
My Geo campaign builder
My Geo campaign builder My Geo campaign builder

From the very beginning of our working relationship the Switchstance team have worked hard to bring our mobile app vision into reality.

Our ongoing partnership continues to add value as the development strategy for MyGeo roll outs.

Sean Gregory, Appsi Co