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Edge Football Stats.




A unique app that provides detailed and customisable stats to football fans and bettors.

The Problem.

Edge Football Stats (EFS) identified a gap in the market for a product that provides detailed and customisable stats to football fans and bettors, all in one place.

The aim of the project was to develop a mobile app that easily shows a user the stats for previous football matches, to assist them in making more informed decisions about their future bets.

A website was also needed to establish the brand and promote the benefits of app.

The Outcome.

A unique football stats app that provides detailed and customisable stats to fans and bettors.

The app combines the huge amount of data and information available in one centralised place, giving the user the valuable insights to make informed decisions before placing a bet. The important information presented helps increase the chances of success significantly. 

The Process.

The project was kicked off with an initial session to discuss the overall benefit of the app. This included discussing key features, user-centred design and excellent user experience. 

From this, we developed a hybrid mobile app, enabling it to be distributed across both iOS and Android devices.

We integrated an API from a football data feed which automatically pulls in all the match and team stats. This information is then used to calculate the stats in the background. The app includes detailed stats of teams performances, allows for fully customisable stats for any period and the ability to build your own betslip.

We also created a brand new website that focuses on simply and effectively communicating the features and benefits of the app and encourages visitors to download the app.

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