AR Recipe App Development


Development of an AR mobile app to help beginners learn cooking skills through step-by-step visual and interactive recipes


App Development

What they needed

Using augmented reality (AR), FLAVAR wanted to build a mobile cooking app designed to bridge the gap between the desire to cook and the confidence to do so.

With a large percentage of young people relying on others to teach them how to cook and spending the most on food, this inspired the idea behind an app.

The app was to be aimed at 16-24 year-olds with the desire to enjoy home-cooked food, offering them an easy to follow, engaging and interactive way to gain knowledge and learn techniques to become great cooks.

AR Recipe App Development

What we did

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We developed a mobile app that offers high quality recipes, guided techniques and a level of AR experience to the user.

The recipe list screen provides key information such as category, dish and difficulty as well as a search facility to quickly and effectively find your ideal meal. Recipes can then be rated based on difficulty to help better inform future users.

The app provides everything you need to start cooking with the ability to prepare ingredients before or during the cooking process, step-by-step instructions with visual aids and timers so users don't lose track.

Dishes can be viewed in AR before and after completing the steps, with the idea of showing what to aim towards or being able to compare the two after completion.