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Whether you want to save time, reduce costs or promote your business, a mobile app is often your best investment option.

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We design and develop engaging bespoke mobile apps for both iOS and Android. With our skills and expertise, we will create the perfect app to fit your needs. 

Here at Switchstance we offer mobile app development services that encompass the perfect balance of user-oriented design and exceptional functionality.

Creative thinking is at the heart of everything we do! Whether you’re curious about what mobile apps could do for you, or if you have a set plan, we can help bring your ideas to life.

From analysing the pain points of your users, to evaluating the success of your mobile application in the marketplace, our expert team will guide you.

Working closely with you, we can successfully see you through mobile app design, development, testing and finally marketing or successfully deploying your app to its users.

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Mobile app developers dedicated to growing your business.

iOS App Development Services

We have extensive expertise in iOS app development, meaning we will give you a unique and resourceful product to take to the marketplace.

Our technical expertise combined with our industry knowledge, allows us to develop the ultimate user experience and and maximise your Return on Investment.

Our specialised mobile app developers will work with you to craft a product that capitalises on Apple’s specific design and development requirements.

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Android App Development Services

Our app developers have a wealth of experience in developing Android mobile applications.

From QA testing to total transparency throughout the entirety of the project, our mobile app agency can provide you with a high-quality mobile app that will tick all your boxes.

With our team of dedicated mobile app developers, we can offer Android app development services that not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

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Progressive Web App Development Services

Need a solution that is more convenient and accessible? Look no further.

Progressive Web Applications combine the capabilities of most modern browsers with the benefits of the mobile experience. By taking advantage of this, our mobile app development agency can create an experience like no other.

A Progressive Web App performs much faster, can be available offline and easily installable onto the home screen of your device. What's not to like?

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Mobile App Marketing Strategy Services

Every step of the project will be strategised and be lead to a finished product ready to be circulated.

As a fully-fledged mobile app development company not only will we design and build you a mobile app, we will help you successfully market and sell your application.

Our marketing experts will devise a mobile strategy that is specific to you and your mobile application, aimed at long-term and sustainable success in the market place.

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"I have to say that the experience of using Switchstance has been entirely different. They were superior in every way and I could not recommend them highly enough."

Ruth Sims, Managing Director

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Mobile App Development for AR Recipe App

A mobile app designed to help beginners learn cooking skills, through a step-by-step visual and interactive recipes

Smilelign Mobile App Development

An engaging mobile app to help dental customers keep track of their aligner progress

Internal Communication App

Development of a mobile app to improve internal communication within a business

Communications Portal

Improved communication for Sheffield City Region Provider Network, with a web-based application

Communications Portal

Apprentice Management Information System

Streamlining Sheffield City Council's complex processes for placing apprentices

Library Digital Archiving Software

Centralised and easily accessible digitalised newspaper library for Aberdeenshire Council

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