Smilelign Mobile App Development


A mobile app development project to help Smilelign customers keep track of their aligner progress

What they needed

Smilelign provide an innovative orthodontic system, using clear aligners to create the perfect smile.

They wanted customers to track the progress of their aligners, as well as encouraging the consistent use of them, in an engaging way.

They wanted a mobile app developing, that allows users to track their progress and motivate the continued use of the product, as well as marketing the service.

Smilelign Mobile App Development

What we did

Smilelign mobile app

We developed a mobile app that keeps a Smilelign customer updated on when it's time to change their aligner, give motivational notifications and encourage them to track their progress with a selfie and share through social media.

In order to achieve the goals of the project, the app needed to understand certain elements of an individual's treatment. By allowing users to input information about their treatment, they receive a much more personalised experience.

The mobile app also provides a set of FAQs and the ability to send and receive messages to the Smilelign team, via email whilst keeping the experience 'in-app'.