Search Engine Optimisation for a London-based Gym

H2 Clubs

SEO, Keyword Research,
Competitor Analysis, Backlinks, UX

What they needed

With multiple gyms in London, H2 Clubs wanted to improve their online presence to help increase visibility to potential gym users.

They needed a SEO strategy that was unique to their business, to maximise their results.

Gym SEO Statistics

What we did

We began by researching the target audience and the channels that are likely to be used.

We undertake regular keyword research to ensure they are the correct ones to be focusing on, looking at search volumes and keyword difficulty etc. amongst other factors.

As well as regular page analysis and content optimisation, backlink identification and acquisition, conversion optimisation, penalty identification and competitor analysis.

Being a local London-based Gym, a large part of the project is local SEO optimisation, through keyword analysis and ensuring all directory listings are kept up-to-date this has dramatically improved their local online presence.

Benefits to Organic Traffic:

  • 98.15% increase in organic traffic
  • 186.60% increase in sessions
  • 30.45% decrease in bounce rate
  • 33.37% increase in average session duration
  • 23.72% increase in primary goal conversions

Benefits to Online Visibility:

  • 47% increase in online visibility
  • 48 keywords in no.1 position
  • 103 keywords in top 10 position
  • 78.9% increase in domain authority
  • 727.27% increase in linking domains

Fitness SEO Organic Traffic Graph