BERC Skill School Website Development

University of Sheffield

WordPress CMS, Participant Login Area,
Responsive Design

What they needed

The Biorefinery Enzymes for Renewable Chemicals (BERC) Skill School provides integrated and comprehensive training to academics, researchers and students working in the area of biorefinery enzymes.

They needed a website to advertise and allow for the sharing of important information, as well as encouraging visitors to sign up to participate in the skill school.

BERC Skill School Website Development

What we did

We developed them a new website using WordPress Content Management System (CMS), with a modern front-end design which helped it to look and feel current.

The responsive design means they now have a broader reach across devices, allowing for the growing number of people accessing the web using mobile.

The website was built with a participant login area so only participants that have registered and paid can access the skill school course information. Information including the training programme and material has been made available to paying participants.

Biorefinery Enzymes for Renewable Chemicals (BERC) Skill School is funded by BBSRC, as part of UK's commitment to tackle global challenges.

I am pleased to have appointed Switchstance to create a website for us to promote the skill school and to maximise its impact.

It was a very pleasant experience working with Switchstance.

Dr. Tuck Seng Wong, University of Sheffield