Why work for an SME?

When I started out at Switchstance as an administration apprentice I expected I would only be undertaking your everyday admin tasks, but what I came to realise was it would be much more that just that…

Working in a small business you soon learn that your role can vary greatly and you have to take the bull by the horns! Having never worked in a technical environment before Switchstance I didn’t expect that I would ever understand how software works never mind be testing it! Being able to participate with many different aspects of the business helped my development in the workplace and allowed me to grow my skills and knowledge.

Another great point about working in an SME is that you come to build relationships with every colleague – in a large organisation how many people would personally know their Managing Director? I assume not too many! Being able to establish working relationships makes it much easier when it comes to teamwork; you know their working style and the best way to approach them.

Although the best part about working in a small business is how your input and opinions are acknowledged and really appreciated. Working in a small team in a fast paced environment means you are handed more responsibility, like being included in the decision making process, and are trusted with more tasks than you probably would be elsewhere.

Everyone is different in what they want out of their job but if you prefer a personal environment with more hands on experience I think working in an SME may just be for you.

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