What is Digital Marketing?

In simple terms digital marketing is the promotion of your products or services using digital technologies. There are many aspects of digital marketing that need to be considered when it comes to achieving a successful online presence, here are the most important ones:

Your website is one of your biggest marketing tools and it needs to be used to its full potential to attract new customers. It’s your shop window and first impressions are vital! You need to capture the attention of your audience straight away, this is however done with more than just a pretty looking website.

The content on there is very important, your potential customer won’t really care about who founded the company or that your goal is to grow your business by 25%… They care how you will solve their problem and what the benefit is to them if they use your company.

You also need to keep the content on your website fresh and up-to-date. The easiest way of doing this is by creating a blog, this not only keeps your audience interested but search engines love new content (but more about that in a minute!) If you do start a blog you need to set yourself realistic goals, start off maybe posting a blog every couple of months and then build on it from there.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
There is so much to SEO it would be impossible for me to get it all in this blog, so I’ll just stick to the basics:

1. Keywords – focus on your keywords, do research to see what your potential customers are searching for. You need to ensure you are ranking as highly as possible for relevant keywords, I would suggest using Google’s Keyword planner to see search volumes.

2. Performance/user experience – how fast your website loads is very important, no one will stick around if your website is taking forever to load! Also, make sure your website is responsive, more people than ever are browsing on phones and tablets so make their experience a good one.

3. Content Optimisation – ensure you optimise the content throughout your website to include your keywords, although make sure you don’t over optimise and ‘keyword stuff’ or you will be penalised.

4. Backlinks – build up backlinks to your website, here is where quality over quantity definitely matters. You could have thousands of backlinks but if all they are all from spammy websites or websites with low domain ranking it will hinder rather than help you!

Email Marketing
Some are saying email marketing is dead, however we’re sure there’s still life left in it yet! It’s now just harder than ever to stand out in everyone’s overcrowded inboxes. If your campaigns are targeted and relevant then you will be more than likely get the recognition and engagement you want. Also, consider more than just the subject and content of your emails – use captivating images and test before you send to ensure its works on all devices.

Once your campaign has been sent it’s very important to monitor the read and click through rates. You can use these statistics to track the popularity of your campaigns, which parts were interesting to potential customers and which bits maybe didn’t quite hit the mark. It will also give you useful insight into what may be the best day and time to be sending your emails.

Social Media
We know social media can be a daunting task if you haven’t had much experience using it but it does help with brand awareness, building customer relationships and driving traffic to your website.

As with starting a blog you need to set realistic goals, if you join every social media platform available you will never be able to maintain it all. The first thing is to consider which channels you should actually be using, do some market research into which ones your customers are on. There’s no point wasting time on Facebook if none of your target audience use this. From this put together a social media strategy outlining your vision, objectives and goals.

Another way to be seen is through online advertising, whether this be on search engines or social media. Running ads can be very expensive if not done correctly and end up costing you loads with no ROI. Do your research before you throw money at it, with search engines it’s very important to have the correct keywords, quality content in your ads and a relevant landing page to ensure a high quality score.

So, with all that in mind, do you think you’re doing enough digital marketing activity and that it’s working for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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