Kids using up all your data allowance on YouTube?

So your kid watches YouTube too?

Here’s a ‘lifehack’ to maintain your sanity and regain your YouTube data…

So you have a child/children? And he/she/they happen to find your mobile phone the most pacifying object on the planet? Despite the fact that they have more toys, books and wooden blocks than you have room to store (in an aircraft hangar).

You are by no means alone.

From time to time you need a little headspace/to feed the other child/do some online shopping/travel/have a quiet moment/generally occupy a child, before you smash something or someone…?

Well it turns out that your child has an uncanny ability to operate a mobile phone (swipe/click/converse at length with Siri or similar) and finds nothing more absorbing that a cruise through YouTube. Yep, you’re completely on your own there. Along with 98% of other modern parents with the same predicament.

But what’s the biggest dilemma you face, the guilt of ‘allowing’ your child to be placated by YouTube or your beloved data allowance being consumed at breakneck speed by streaming video (be it inane ‘Surprise Eggs’ or CGI nursery rhymes)?

Of course it starts with the first and ends with the latter. So let’s say that from time to time you find yourself with no other viable option than to present your barely articulate food receptacle with a largely uncensored stream of ‘entertainment’ to quench your own insatiable desire for 5 minutes (3 hours) peace?

Well hear this, I can’t stop your child yearning for the dark corner of YouTube and all the, frankly disturbing, content that it puts there. BUT, I can give you two things:

#1. A way to pacify your child with YouTube content you can manage

#2. A way to completely stop burning through your data allowance

a) Connect to the interweb via wifi.

b) Download an app called ‘Document 5’

c) Open the browser IN the Documents app (bottom right).

d) Find that YouTube video that your child has already played 5000 times and cost you 3 million Petabytes in data.

e) Add ss to the front of the YouTube part of the URL e.g.

f) Add it to the download folder.

g) Live your life, be freeeeee…

So there you go. It’s not made you a better parent, but it has saved you shedloads of data AND protected your child from that fully-grown couple from Arkansas who think it’s fine to dress as Spiderman and Wonder Woman and wrap easter eggs/Shopkins/Thomas and Friends, Paw Patrol etc in Play-Doh. Then unwrap them again.

Good luck and enjoy your re-found data!


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