How technology is shaping the healthcare sector

Technology and digital is becoming the central driving force for innovation today, with many companies looking to expand their digital footprint. The healthcare sector is no exception to this rule.

Continuous technological developments in healthcare have been vital in saving lives. It may not sound like software can make such drastic changes but, in a sector, as hectic as healthcare, saving valuable seconds can really make the difference.

“From 2016 – 2017 a 36% increase in software/ app usage was seen in healthcare, even considering substantial data breaches that were taking place with the NHS.”

What is TEC?

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is set to change the way we expect healthcare to be carried out and will have an incredible impact as globalisation continues.

TEC currently being developed and applied is demonstrating massive time and money saving benefits, something local healthcare and big pharma are finding more and more invaluable.

Benefits of technology in healthcare

In addition to reduced costs and enhanced patient care, the potential impact of technology in healthcare through innovation are huge.

The impact of technology has truly paved the way forward for innovation in the health sector, by combining process improvement, ROI and innovative thinking. This has enabled minor processes that cause major problems to be repaired.

Here are examples of applications and software that Switchstance have created to benefit the health sector:

Numed Healthcare – Clinical Integration Software

The software was built to provide support and integration for clinical systems already in place.

As a solution this has saved both time and money by reducing clinicians’ administration activities, and due to the malleable nature of the software, it can be used in several medical devices with which readings are taken.

“Switchstance was an ideal partner for Numed as the team has previous experience working in the healthcare sector, particularly in the management, interrogation and transfer of patient-level data.” – Craig Hirst, General Manager

NHS Diabetes Tool – Online Commissioning Tool

The tool was built with the idea of providing quality and consistency of information and patient care.

Taking data from multiple sources, the system provided a high-level dashboard view of the users’ own practice, with the ability to drill down for greater detail and compare ‘resource vs outcome’ via a suite of scatter charts.

The diabetes tool reaped huge benefits for process improvement and better patient care, due to a more organised way of storing and showing information.

“This is very exciting. At last GPs can start to review and benchmark all their key diabetes data on one site.” – Dr Bob Young, Clinical Lead NDA & NDIS


With technology assisting the healthcare sector to reach their digital objectives and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, the future of patient care looks bright.

We can only hope that technology keeps building upon all the valuable work that has already shaped healthcare into what it is today.

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