The Hidden Costs of a Cheap Website

Your business or organisation needs a presence on the web, but now what? Here are a few points to consider before commissioning your new project on the web.

Business or organisation goals come first

A quality web design firm will first discuss how you want your website to achieve the goals of your business or organisation. The question ‘What do you want to achieve with your website?’ helps focus your goals from day one which can save you time and money in the future. After all without knowing what you want to achieve it will be hard to tell whether the end result is a success.

It’s far better to iron out all the problems before anything is made rather than paying for modifications later. A web design firm that has experience will be able to catch any problems that may happen in the future which will save you money in the long run. A cheap option may not be so cheap if you have to pay for it twice-over in modifications.

Make sure they’re a specialist

In the 18th Century the Scottish philosopher Adam Smith considered how wealth was made in economies. One of his most well-known ideas is that everyone in a market-economy can benefit through specialisation: The tailor does not attempt to make his own shoes but buys them off the shoemaker. The shoemaker does not attempt to make his own clothes but employs a tailor.”

Your time is best spent on managing your organisation or business. A web specialist’s time is best spent on following the latest developments in web technology and marketing. Don’t make your own shoes: don’t settle for a team that can’t afford to dedicate their time to the cutting-edge.

Your new shop front

Nowadays an ever-increasing number of people will be using the web to find out about your business or organisation. Your website is your new ‘shop front’ so it’s important that it inspires trust quality and good service.

The big question is of course how to do this? The answer is that there’s no single specific way to inspire trust and quality but these factors depend on hundreds of tiny details that contribute to your website’s overall impression on the user.

A web design company with experience will know what elements work on a web page which may be difficult for someone creating their site informally. A generic unimpressive website may not be so ‘cheap’ if your users go elsewhere. Start building a personal relationship with your users from the very beginning with a website that reflects your organisation or business values and personality.


It’s more economical to invest time and money at the beginning of a project rather than paying for expensive more difficult modifications down the road. A good web design firm will guide you through what goals you want to achieve with your site.

Don’t make your own shoes. Hire and trust a specialist with a good track record to take care of all the details for you.

Your users will increasingly get their first impressions of your business through your website. A generic cheaper website may not be so ‘cheap’ if it costs you business in the long run. It is better to invest in a website that reflects your company or organisation’s values and personality to build up a good user relationship from the start.

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