GDPR, a blessing in disguise?

Up until now GDPR has been portrayed in a bad light, but we don’t think that’s the whole story and there will be some benefits to the imminent changes…

GDPR could be a blessing in disguise for some companies, whether you have mass amounts of data and don’t know what to do with it, or marketers with contacts that have no interest in their product/service at all.

Now is the right time to clean up your database, and start upgrading your marketing alongside the new stride in digital progression.


Getting the bad stuff out the way first

GDPR is probably going to be a huge ask for us all, there’s no denying that. Cleaning out our databases completely, trying to seek consent that can be recorded. Complying to the new rules will by no means be an easy task; but once you’ve checked everything off your ‘GDPR to-do list’ you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

We probably all know by now that the repercussions are huge if we do not comply to the new set of rules for data protection, but if you don’t here’s a little preview… You can be charged up to 4% of your annual turnover, or 20 million euros; whichever is greater.

But Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has recently spoken out about the issue…

“We pride ourselves on being a fair and proportionate regulator and this will continue under the GDPR. Those who self-report, who engage with us to resolve issues and who can demonstrate effective accountability arrangements can expect this to be taken into account when we consider any regulatory action.”

This basically means that as long as you’re putting the appropriate measures in place to be compliant, and showing willing to adhere to the new legislation there should be no reason as to why you should be punished.

Cleaning your database

For some this may be a very long and difficult task, but re-organising your database is necessary not only to comply with GDPR but also for the growth of your company.

This is essential for marketing companies in particular, as marketing is all about contacting the right people, so how can you do this when your database is full of contacts who aren’t interested in your offering? A clean database ensures that your contacts have consented to your interactions, and therefore have an interest in your services.

Being responsible for your own data

With the new legislation looming closer and closer, there are a few aspects that have been over-looked so far. One of the main topics is that we forget these big corporations are responsible for the protection of our personal data, now isn’t that a little bit scary?

Not only will GDPR bring in an era of more thorough protection of personal data, but it will also add a layer of transparency to some corporations. Collecting and storing data is a very important task, which is why if you feel your data is being misused in any way you can apply for a ‘subject access request’ and the company will have to provide you with every piece of data they have collected regarding you, and how it is stored.

Embrace the change

The digital climate is changing constantly, with the production of new technology, and new applications; the only way to progress with it is to embrace the change.

GDPR is just another curve ball thrown at you, it’s a sign that the digital world is continually evolving into something new and creative. It will allow you to create a new set of marketing tools, that fit this new landscape.

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