8 common questions on how to make the most of digital

We took part in a ‘Business is Great Tweet chat’ where we answered burning questions from businesses looking to make the most of digital. We thought we would share the questions and our concise answers because we’re really nice like that!

1. Why does my business need a digital presence?
A digital presence is essential to compete. Get online & reach customers, it’s the shortest way to your shop window so portray the right image.

2. Social media can take up a lot of time, how can I make sure I’m being the most effective?
A clear strategy helps manage time. Measure effectiveness so you’re controlling social, rather than it controlling you.

3. How do I make my business different from others?
This is about having a clear web strategy and making sure your USP and brand is consistent and evident in everything you do.

4. What are the key do’s and don’ts when using social media for your business?
DO get involved in conversation, DON’T blatantly sell. DO have a strategy, DON’T use jargon. DO use the appropriate channel.

5. Should I be joining LinkedIn groups? How do I know if it will actually help my business? 
Strategically joining LinkedIn groups is a good way of building your business reputation and profile without direct selling. If people you engage with get in direct contact, it’s working. It should be used in your marketing arsenal as a way to get your business out there.

6. I have a personal Twitter account, but should my business also have one?
Yes, having both means you can keep personal things separate. A business account ensures you have a professional voice.

7. I’ve heard a lot about ‘the cloud’ what exactly is it?
‘The cloud’ has become a buzzword for what is essentially a centralised way of accessing data/docs from wherever you are.

8. What are the best metrics for monitoring digital marketing impact? 
Monitor metrics in conjunction with each other, eg Google analytics and Tweets to gain a fuller picture. Other metrics include social media (FB likes, Twitter hashtags), email metrics (open rate & clicks), web (bounce rates & unique visitors).

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