5 Things you can do to destroy your online presence

There are numerous ways to reek havoc on your online presence, here are 5 ways to destroy it:

#1. Don’t renew your website

A lot of companies have websites that are years, or maybe a decade or so old. Just think about how the iPhone looked 10 years ago compared to the newest iPhone. That’s how old such a website looks now, no matter how cutting edge it was at the time.

In some cases a company may have paid tens of thousands for their website and feel as a result that it must still be great. This is not necessarily the case. If your website was built 10 years ago and hasn’t been modified (beyond tweaking the content from time to time), I can almost guarantee that there is huge room for improvement.

What’s more, if you don’t improve it, you risk letting your competitors jump ahead of you. Not updating your web design to something that is aesthetically pleasing, clean and modern is an effective way to destroy your online presence.

Not only are you potentially ruining your reputation by not keeping the look and feel of your website up-to-date, you are also more than likely losing traffic to your site by not updating the design with new techniques. For example, if your website is not designed to be ‘responsive’ your rating with Google could be suffering.

#2. Don’t consider the User Experience (UX)

Following on from poor web design another sure thing to annoy your online customers is a bad user experience (UX). This can be a number of things from a slow website to unclear navigation.

If the user finds it hard to use your site then they will more than likely give up and look elsewhere. There is so much competition online now that the chances are whatever you are offering someone else is offering the same service or information.

The average user will not even wait 10 seconds before trying somewhere else if they have an unpleasant experience.

#3. Ignore complaints

If you simply do not respond to complaints or bad reviews you could be pushing potential or existing customers straight into the arms of your competitors. If someone searches for your brand online there is a good chance they will get more results than just your website and social media accounts.

They will quite possibly see reviews of your company and if you have not responded to complaints or bad reviews this will look a lot worse than if you have put your hands up and admitted you made a mistake. You should look to correct it or even better come up with a creative way to make the client/consumer happy.

Furthermore, if you don’t seriously consider that there may be some weaknesses in your process or carry on being inflexible it can severely impact on what people think of your business and damage your reputation.

#4. Poor website content

If you were to pick up a book and the first paragraph was badly written the chances are you would put it down and stop reading. Similarly, poorly written content on your website will mean visitors look elsewhere for their online needs. If you don’t write professionally and look for ways to keep your content engaging then you should be prepared to lose customers.

In terms of SEO, gone are the days when you could just whack 20 of the same keyword over your website and come highest in Google searches for that keyword. Google now checks that the content is meaningful unique and relevant and scores you accordingly.

I’m not saying avoid keyword density just make sure keywords are only placed in relevant text and not thrown in for the sake of it.

#5. Bad management of Social Media

Social media is funand a pastime for a lot of people outside of work. Please remember though that it is still vital to run your social media professionally and respond to issues and questions in the same professional manner you would over the phone or face to face.

If you use your corporate social media accounts to tell the world about the guy who smelt on the bus your audience are likely to lose confidence in your brand.

So what are you waiting for?

Even fixing just one of the common pitfalls described above could help to make you stand out from the overwhelming list of options your average customer gets when searching Google.

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