5 signs that your business should consider software

Replace the word software with tool, and things become less scary. There are still a lot of industries where “software” is a dirty word.

From sending an email to using a CRM, it’s all software and present from the newest start up business to the oldest, established business.

Software gives us the ability to schedule, plan, track, analyse, monitor and share. So how can we know that we need to think about new software?

Here are 5 things to consider.

1. Data Integrity

“Is that an 11 or 77?” Data drives actions in almost all businesses, and why shouldn’t it. Numbers never lie, right? Unless they are the wrong numbers, in which case the associated actions won’t make an impact.

If you are heavily reliant on data being accurate, and are passing it between departments and spreadsheets, you might need to consider some software.

2. Repeated Actions

“Same $h*!, different day!” Many companies have processes that will be performed repeatedly, and at a high volume. Statistically, it is inevitable that human intervention will lead to some sort of error.

Software assisting in calculations is unmatched in speed and precision. We know that computers don’t get tired, just keep them plugged in.

3. Multiple departments 

“Sorry, they haven’t informed us of that.” Businesses that are big enough to need separate departments can commonly suffer in their service levels if they are not using a CRM to synchronise the information that is received by each department.

The ability to clearly communicate and excel with customer service is key to sustained growth of established businesses. Most of us have been on the receiving end of this.

4. Business Growth 

“We made it!” What an amazing story it is to hear about the small business hiring its first team, the medium sized business securing a life changing contract or the large business continuing with its momentum.

Regardless, software plays a massive role in the jump that a business can take in its evolution.

Inevitably, this will require an increase in the number of processes taking place. Software can be the key to maintaining and improving efficiency and control of the business.

5. Process Improvement

“How many different systems and logins!?” If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve heard it from someone. Process improvement is relevant to all departments of a business’ function and can be unnecessarily complex.

With so many different software’s out there for tracking sales, logistics, finance, marketing etc it can be easy for a company to adopt every system under the sun.

Bespoke software can help to hone company processes, while still being functional to the specific needs of the business and providing high efficiency. We aren’t fans of changing passwords and verification emails that follow.

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