Mobile App Development

Developing engaging bespoke mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Whether you want to save time, reduce costs or promote your business, an app is often your best investment option.

User-centred design


We design and develop engaging bespoke mobile apps for iOS or Android. With our skills and expertise, we will create the perfect app to fit your needs.

Creative thinking is at the heart of everything we do, so whether you’re curious about what mobile apps could do for you, or if you have a set plan, we can help bring your ideas to life.

From analysing the pain points of your users, to evaluating the success of your mobile application in the marketplace, our expert team will guide you.

Working closely with your team, we can help market or successfully deploy your app to its users.



Our extensive expertise in iOS mobile application development gives you a unique and resourceful product to take to the marketplace.

Our technical expertise combined with your industry knowledge, allows us to develop the ultimate user experience and and maximum your return on investment.



Our mobile applications are always built with being progressive in mind.

This allows our apps to be much more usable, perform much faster and be available offline.  Making it easily installable onto the homescreen of your device.



Android is one of the most popular platforms for mobile application development. Our app development team have a wealth of experience using Javascript and C++.

From QA testing to total transparency across the project, we can provide you with a high-quality app that will tick all the boxes.


Mobile Strategy  

Every step of the project will be strategised and be lead to a finished product ready to be circulated. 

Not only will we design and build you a mobile app, we will help you successfully market and sell your application, and help decide which market and through which channels you are going to sell to.



"Our first month we picked up a new customer, off the back of the email marketing that Switchstance did for us, and they placed an order for £30,000.Each month we gain half a dozen to a dozen new customers, purely from the email marketing."

Wayne Morton, Sale Director

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